5 Best Eco Shops For All of Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Needs

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Sustainable living is, of course, first and foremost about minimizing our material needs to begin with, but then also seeking durability and quality over quantity in the things we do end up purchasing.

To support this, we've shared five of our favorite eco shops from where you can get most to all of your day-to-day home and lifestyle goods.

All of these environmentally driven stores are mindful about reducing the use of excessive plastic packaging whenever possible and sourcing only consciously made, tried and tested products.

First, make the most of whatever you already own, prioritize secondhand items available to you, then bookmark this page so you can browse through the following one-stop eco shops when you need something.



1) Earth Hero

About: Earth Hero is an eco-friendly online marketplace that makes buying sustainable products easier by doing all of the research and curating for you. They have a large directory of icons that make it super simple for you to know exactly what type of product they are shopping for, whether recycled, organic, vegan, etc. They also make it really simple to decrease your trash with their curated zero waste collection.

Highlights: Member of 1% For the Planet; low impact production; carbon offset shipping

Categories: apparel, accessories, baby + kids, travel, home goods, outdoor, tech, pets, beauty

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2) The Green Life

About: The Green Life curates a wide selection of lifestyle products, all of which meet one or more third party sustainability standard. Each brand must provide documentation of their certification(s) such as Fair Trade, USDA Organic, Cruelty-Free, and more.

Highlights: LEED® Certified Warehouse; low impact production; recyclable packaging.

Categories: baby + kids, skincare + cosmetics, botanicals + herbs, supplements, gifts, apparel, accessories, jewelry, pet care, home goods

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3) Eartheasy

About: Eartheasy makes it simple to turn your home and garden into a regenerative sanctuary. In addition to a collection of eco-friendly and zero waste home goods and lifestyle products, Eartheasy also carries everything you need for lawn care, gardening, composting, camping, off grid preparedness, and more.

Highlights: Low impact production processes; plants tree through Trees for the Future; carbon balanced by TerraPass; EPA WaterSense partner

Categories: Home goods, yarn + garden, travel + adventure, baby + kids, wellness, gifts

Check out Eartheasy



4) Life Without Plastic

About: Life Without Plastic helps you transition out of a single-use plastic lifestyle in order to improve your health, community, and environment. They also help educate shoppers on the types of plastics and the harm they can do to our individual and planetary health.

Highlights: High quality, ethically sourced products; Green America Certified

Categories: home goods, bath + body, baby + kids, wholesale

Check out Life Without Plastic



5) Package Free Shop

About: Package Free Shop is a one stop zero waste shop meant to make reducing your waste and finding alternatives to single-use plastic convenient and simple. The shop carries only brands that are serious about making a positive environmental impact.

Highlights: The shop has a strict packaging policy in order to reduce waste as much as possible throughout the process; since opening, they have helped many brands make changes within their companies to reduce plastic usage, packaging, and waste.

Categories: lifestyle, home goods, pet, baby + kids, beauty + wellness, travel

Check out Package Free Shop


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