Getting Business Right First to Support Cleaning 1 Million Pounds of Trash from Our Waterways

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What does it take to scale our positive impacts through business? What are millennials craving today, and how can this actually drive conversations and choices related to sustainability? Founder and CEO of United by Blue, Brian Linton, shares his wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[2:06] What first inspired Brian's passion for the environment. 

[2:57] One experience that made Brian want to dedicate his life to cleaning up our oceans. 

[5:33] What led Brian to start United by Blue. 

[7:40] How Brian plans United by Blue's cleanup projects in a community-minded way. 

[10:06] Some of Brian's personal challenges in growing United by Blue. 

[11:06] Brian: "The beauty of the model is that by focusing on the fundamentals of creating a business, we're able to have a longterm, lasting impact.

[12:08] What keeps Brian going personally, despite challenges. 

[12:53] Brian: "What's ultimately going to cure our oceans and waterways is people talking about it, educating their friends, and changing their own behaviors." 

[14:00] Kaméa: "What has been key to United by Blue's continuous growth and your ability to establish yourself in the sustainability space?" 

[15:40] How United by Blue is innovating and pushing the boundaries on what sustainable materials are used in their products. 

[16:50] Some of the most difficult products to manufacture in a more eco-friendly way. 

[17:41] Brian: "Quality and performance are super important because longevity is a big part of sustainability as well.

[18:44] Kaméa: "Have you seen innovations on the horizon that will help make technical products that are sustainable but still high-performing?" 

[20:54] Brian's thoughts on our biggest challenge today in fighting plastic pollution. 

[21:47] Kaméa: "What's the fastest way to address the issue of single-use plastic?"   


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Source of inspiration: "The people at cleanups or the people wearing our products." 

Health tip: "Kombucha and biking." 

Green tip: "Have one instance this week where you reduce your single-use plastics." 

Element of hope: "People's love of the outdoors." 

Words of Wisdom: "You don't have to overthink sustainability. Start small and ultimately, you'll see the shift."


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