Scaling Your Eco Venture Through Collaboration and Building Trust

Jacey Bingler of ECOSIA on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

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Why has the palm oil industry become so destructive in Southeast Asia? When we're up against such colossal environmental issues, how can we scale up our positive impacts to be able to address them more effectively and powerfully? In this episode, the Head of PR of Ecosia's (a search engine that uses its ad revenues to supporting tree planting projects around the world), Jacey Bingler, shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[02:50] What drew Jacey to working for Ecosia. 

[03:55] Motivations for Ecosia to focus on tree planting projects. 

[06:50] Jacey's most memorable experience when she visited one of their tree planting projects in Southeast Asia. 

[07:40] Jacey: "As long as there are no palm oil plantations, the government isn't necessarily interested in building proper roads." 

[09:35] Jacey: "As soon as you have species not adapted to an environment (like palm oil trees endemic to Africa being grown in Southeast Asia), you need a lot of fertilizers, pesticides, … and you have to grow them in monocultures to keep them alive. That's what creates many, many issues." 

[10:10] Ecosia's biggest challenge reaching more potential users and what's worked for them. 

[11:15] Jacey: "There is this seven interactions rule - you need to see an ad or an image or hear about a brand a number of times before you go buy it or use it." [12:35] Jacey on what else Ecosia does beyond repeating exposures to build trust. 

[15:00] Ecosia's next steps to further building rapport with and loyalty among its users. 

[18:40] Kaméa: "What do you think the world needs to accelerate towards a greener world?" 

[19:15] Jacey: "There are already so many cool things happening… but since these initiatives are often too small, it's not had the impact we'd been hoping for yet. If we can connect some of these initiatives, I think we'd see a lot of change happening."

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Source of inspiration: “Look at the big picture, and imagine what could happen if things continue to change." 

Green tip: “Identify something you would find relatively easy to do or let go of. Try to take it one step at a time and don’t try to change your entire life from one day to another.” 

Element of hope: The fact that more and more people are getting into the field of sustainability. 

Words of Wisdom: "Keep dreaming and try to make it green."   

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