Shedding light on the 'Shoespiracy' we've been told to believe

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The reality is that by walking around in normal shoes, your feet are getting dramatically weaker.

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Galahad Clark (@galahadclark), a seventh-generation Clark of the Clarks shoe dynasty, is the co-creator of Shoespiracy and the founder of VIVOBAREFOOT, a global footwear brand that’s set out to be the most sustainable in the world.

After learning about how the thick layers of support in our footwear are leading the muscles in our feet to atrophy, compromising sensory information and our bodily health, Galahad created a shoe that is wide, flexible, and sensory, allowing our feet to function they way they're supposed to.

On this podcast episode, Galahad sheds light on this public health scandal around shoes; how our feet's strength impacts the health of our brains, joints, and body as a whole system; the environmental impact of the shoe industry and what it means to support sustainability as a footwear brand; and more.

To start, get a glimpse below into the conversation between Galahad and Green Dreamer Podcast's host, Kaméa Chayne.

On the health impacts of wearing normal shoes:

“The reality is that by walking around in normal shoes, your feet are getting dramatically weaker.

When you start walking around barefoot or in barefooted shoes, your feet start to regain their natural strength. Having weak feet—you have to compensate with the rest of your body.

It’s not about getting big, strong, meathead feet; it’s just about just getting back your natural foot strength.”

On how strengthening feet health can better the world:

“Ultimately, it’s all about rediscovering natural, healthy movement.

The stronger and healthier your feet are, the more flexible your ankles and hips are, the happier and healthier you’re going to be, and ultimately, the more sustainable choices you’re going to make and the better the world will be.

So, reconnect with your feet and with nature. Everybody needs to do that a little bit to make the world a happier, healthier, more sustainable place.”

Galahad’s closing words of wisdom:

“Fail and fail better next time. Never give up failing. Don’t get hung up on success; just keep on failing and never lose enthusiasm.”


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