Why sustainability doesn't make headlines in mainstream media and how we can better reframe this topic

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Why is it that environmental issues rarely make headlines in mainstream media? What's the importance in providing objective information about sustainability, as opposed to subjective ones? Sharing her wisdom here is Georgina Wilson-Powell, the founder of Pebble, a community-focused and mobile-first magazine on a mission to influence consumer change through inspiring advice for sustainable living. Let's dive in. 

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[2:00] What first inspired Georgina's passion for sustainability. 

[4:46] Georgina's thoughts on why sustainability topics often don't make headlines in the mainstream media. 

[5:01] Georgina: "I was always told that sustainability doesn't sell; it's boring; no one is interested. I just felt in my gut that was wrong... It's how we're positioning it. We're positioning it as something boring.

[7:23] Georgina: "We've forgotten a lot about where our stuff comes from. You know, it doesn't just arrive in a shop one day—it's been made by someone—and we're trying to get back to that." 

[7:35] Kaméa: "What is one of the greatest lessons you've learned about life or humans through your travels?" 

[8:28] Georgina: "What really struck me when I was spending time in lots of different countries was that everyone wanted their community to be better and cleaner and more sustainable. And we forget that—we see barriers and difference, but actually we're really all the same.

[9:14] Kaméa: "What do you think we can do as a world to get past our differences that often divide us to really see that we are all humans on a fundamental level?" 

[11:32] Kaméa: "There are a lot of online publications out there today. What did you want to do differently with Pebble Magazine?" 

[13:06] Kaméa: "What do you think is important about having objective, as opposed to subjective, information out there?" 

[13:46] Georgina: "Everyone's going to have different red lines; everyone's going to be more passionate about one thing over another. So we're not saying, everyone has to do this, or this is the only way we're going to save things. Because ultimately, it's not going to be one way; people are going to find lots of different solutions, and some will work for some people and some for others.

[15:10] Kaméa: "Can you take us back to one of the most challenging moments for you as you were building up the Pebble audience?" 

[16:32] Kaméa: "What do you do to keep going when things are really overwhelming, and how do you keep up with everything?" 

[17:45] Kaméa: "Why did you decide to emphasize that Pebble Magazine is mobile-first?" 

[20:25] Georgina shares her greatest piece of guidance on how we can tell more engaging stories when it comes to sustainability. 

[21:48] Georgina: "We like to say that we're the carrot, not the stick. Because you can't beat people into submission to change their behavior.

[24:18] Kaméa: "What do you think is one of our most urgent issues we have to address within this field?" 

[26:57] Georgina's thoughts on inspiring friends and family members to care about sustainability topics.  


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Words of inspiration: “You can only do so much." 

Health tip: "I go out with friends and drink wine every couple of weeks." 

Green tip: "I'm trying to cut down on my meat and dairy consumption." 

Element of hope: "There are so many people who are wanting to live a better life and share." 

Words of Wisdom: "Keep on keeping on. Take it one day at a time. No one is perfect; you've just got to try your best."   

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