Social Media Democratizing Power and How to Get Your Message Heard

Leah Segedie on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

Ready to hear about sperm health, sexy soil, and the real roots of climate denial? Or how social media is shaking our world to its core? On this juicy episode, I chat with Leah Segedie, who's the Founder of ShiftCon (a social media conference for eco wellness influencers), the Founder of (a leading community of mom bloggers), and the author of a recently published book, Green Enough. Let's dive in.

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[01:55] What got Leah into sustainability. 

[03:05] Leah: "And I really felt like [lack of transparency in the food industry] was a feminist issue." 

[06:40] Leah: "People are dynamic - they can change. But they're doing it in their own time, in their own way. And you have to give them that space. But if I can change, and I was an anti-environmentalist… anybody can change." 

[07:55] Leah: "People listen to other people that they respect."

[08:30] Leah: "The environmental movement is really not a one person movement. It's gotta be everybody. And so it's gonna take everybody in their own ways to see and make these changes." '

[09:45] Kaméa: "What do we need to bring people together in spite of their differences?" 

[11:50] Leah: "We need to change the conversation [around sustainability], because what we're doing right now just politicizes it and that's the opposite of what we want to happen." 

[12:30] "When you understand at the crux of things how people feel, then you can understand how to speak to them." 

[12:50] Kaméa: "What does a person need to be considered an influencer?"

[16:45] Leah: "People are choosing entertainment over education in the U.S. about 85% of the time. Social media fosters that… The challenge for people who work in social media [with important messages to share]... is they have to work in the world of 'entertainment.'" 

[18:45] "The creation of social media as a communication technology… is bringing down these power systems that were before in control of everything. The world is just figuring it out." 

[19:40] Leah's consulting work with big corporations wanting her opinion on what conscious consumers want. 

[22:40] How Leah's strategically created an engaging, entertaining book on sustainable living. 

[26:10] "Indirect additives are things that get into your food that are never labeled, and they're completely secret, and it's totally legal… those chemicals are really worrisome." 

[29:05] "Up to 90% men today have degraded sperm today… we're not talking about it."   

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Final Tips

To follow: Above the Fold with Environmental Health News

Words of inspiration: "Women who behave rarely make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Green tip: Buy fruits and veggies without cellophane.

Element of hope: "When sh*t hits the fan, people are down for one another."

Final words of wisdom: "We're asking others to be more compassionate - let's give them the same."

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