Making sustainability sexy and desirable

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What does it mean that we're now beginning an "Eco-Renaissance"? Rather than guilting or shaming people into being more eco-friendly, which might really just push people away, how can we attract people into sustainability so that they naturally and excitedly want to be a part of this movement? Serial entrepreneur and author of the new book ECOrenaissance, Marci Zaroff, shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[2:24] What first inspired Marci's passion for the environment. 

[4:46] Kaméa: "What gave you the courage to constantly pioneer new things in this space?" 

[6:09] Marci's journey through entrepreneurship and starting her many different brands and products. 

[9:20] One of the biggest struggles Marci has faced throughout the years. 

[12:28] Kaméa: "How do you decide which eco-ventures to take on?" 

[13:53] Marci: "Design and redesign can change the world.

[14:40] Kaméa: "What's been key to you being a successful, serial entrepreneur within sustainability? 

[17:34] Something that's shifted Marci's perspective on sustainability over the decades she's worked in the field. 

[17:47] Marci: "People aren't going to buy it because it's sustainable. They are going to buy it because it's a great product, and then, oh by the way, it's sustainable." 

[18:46] Marci: "I believe we have to meet people where they are. If we're going to have major impact and scale sustainability, we can't live in a bubble where we're preaching to the choir." 

[19:58] Marci: "We've designed the reality that we live. So we need to design a new reality by creating a collective consciousness of people who are all connected into each other with a similar mission of doing good.

[21:58] What Marci believes is our current biggest roadblock to a collaborative sustainable world. 

[23:34] Kaméa: "What were your motivations for writing your new book, ECOrenaissance?" 

[25:13] Marci: "Style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

[28:47] Kaméa: "As you were putting the pieces together for your book, what was your biggest 'aha' moment?"   


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Words of inspiration: "Everything in life is perspective." 

Health tip: "Get outside and get fresh air." 

Green tip: "Eat a more plant-based diet." 

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