Carbon-offsets as our only way to have a zero emission lifestyle now


Why does carbon offsetting sometimes have a negative reputation for just being a bandaid solution to our emissions? And how does the word itself limit our perception of what these projects are actually about? How can we pick out the carbon offsetting projects that actually do the work they say they do and effectively offset tons of emissions, from the ones that are a little more shady and/or inaccurate in their calculations? Marisa de Belloy, CEO of Cool Effect, shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[2:30] What first inspired Marisa's passion for the environment. 

[4:21] Marisa on how she came to see that climate change aggravates almost every type of social and environmental issue today. 

[6:27] What Cool Effect does and how it's different than other carbon offsetting projects. 

[8:59] Kaméa: "You have a very well-rounded background... How do you think all of these things have come together and how have you used this perspective to support your work at Cool Effect?" 

[10:29] Kaméa: "It sounds like what Cool Effect does is very comprehensive. How do you stay on top of everything?" 

[13:02] Marisa discusses the different types of carbon offset projects available today. 

[16:47] Marisa: "When you donate to Cool Effect, you know exactly how many tons of carbon you personally have reduced." 

[16:54] Kaméa: "Sometimes carbon offsetting gets a bad reputation of being just a bandaid solution... What do you think are the roots of this negative way of looking at carbon offsetting?" 

[18:31] Marisa: "Carbon offsetting is the only way we currently have to get to zero."

[20:50] Kaméa: "How much would an average American need to offset their emissions for the year?" 

[22:09]How consumers can identify which carbon offset projects that are reputable and trustworthy.

[25:00] Kaméa: "What do you think it will take for emissions to get the same amount of attention as something like plastic?" 

[16:42] How Marisa deals with overwhelm and negativity when it comes to climate change. 

[28:44] Kaméa: "What do you think we need most to accelerate towards a healthier planet?" 

[30:36] Marisa: "I'm not so pessimistic about the red states and Republicans joining in... I think it just needs to be approached in the right type of language." 

[30:56] Marisa: "It's important to meet people where they are."

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Words of inspiration: "We are the new greatest generation." 

Health tip: "Run." 

Green tip: "Buy some tons on Cool Effect." 

Element of hope: "The promise of renewable energy and how it's become a lot cheaper than fossil fuels in many places around the world." 

Words of Wisdom: "We cannot lose faith. We all have to pull together to do this."   

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