Finding Balance and Staying Resilient as a Content Creator

Natalie Kay on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

If you're a content creator in the sustainable fashion and lifestyle space, this is an episode for you! How can we maintain the courage to continually put ourselves out there, knowing that it automatically welcomes judging, cyber bullying, and even hate at an extreme? How do we balance saying yes out of pure passion, with saying no to not overcommit? In this episode, pioneering sustainable fashion blogger, Natalie Kay of Sustainably Chic, shares her wisdom with us. Let's dive in.

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[02:35] How Natalie came to combine the worlds of sustainability and fashion. 

[03:55] Something Natalie learned that made her feel like she needed to start conversations around conscious fashion. 

[05:05] What let Natalie to starting a blog in the beginning. 

[06:15] Natalie: "I didn't know blogging could be a job." 

[06:50] Natalie: "I saw an opportunity… I thought the conversation really needed to be had."

[08:05] What encouraged Natalie to go all in with her blog. 

[10:05] Natalie: "Some brands that are big and consider themselves ethical still come to me wanting [free] content, yet they don't want to treat me the same way they treat the people making their clothing." 

[11:00] "Looking back - I would have told myself to be more calm and realize that not every brand understands how [content creators, bloggers, and influencers] function." 

[12:10] How Natalie deals with cyber bullying and negativity from the digital world. 

[14:15] How Natalie finds balance in her life. 

[14:20] "Now I really want to differentiate between my personal life and my work life... and really focus on balance." 

[15:40] Kaméa: "How do you balance saying yes with saying no to not overcommit?" 

[16:30] How Natalie differentiates between collaborations vs. partnerships. 

[18:00] Natalie: "I've been able to build a platform that I never knew could exist... I had zero idea that I could have such a fun job."

[18:55] Natalie: "I think whenever we have backups, we don't put our all into it." 

[19:45] Natalie: "I'm also a very shy person in real life… So when I go on social media, I'm pretty similar." 

[20:10] What motivated Natalie to start her new project, Pratique Organique.   


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To follow: Thoughtfully Magazine

Source of inspiration: Friendly competition from seeing what others are up to. 

Green tip: Focus on one thing to tweak per week. 

Element of hope: Overall enthusiasm for sustainability that feels like is here to stay. 

Words of Wisdom: "Once you start to implement sustainable changes and sharing it with people, do it as positively as possible."   

Two Takeaways