Progress Over Perfection in Fighting Plastic Pollution

Lindsey McCoy on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

How can we go from having an ecopreneurial idea, especially something that's not yet been done before, to bringing it to life? What do we need to really tackle the issue of plastic pollution all over the world and move into a more circular economy? Today, Plaine Products' Co-Founder, Lindsey McCoy shares her wisdom with us. Let's dive in.

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[1:35] What got Lindsey into sustainability. 

[4:10] Kaméa: "What's been the most challenging part about being a pioneer?"

[5:05] What Lindsey would do differently if she were to start again from Day 1. 

[5:30] Lindsey: "It is a continual learning journey. Still, we're learning, tweaking, ... I think that's part of being an entrepreneur... constant problem solving, ... when something's not working out the way you thought it was going to, being able to let go and figure out how to adjust.

[06:20] Something that didn't work out for Plaine Products that they had to tweak. [06:55] How Lindsey raised awareness that her new brand existed.

[13:50] Lindsey: "Something that you're going to use once for a few minutes but will stick around for hundreds of years... just doesn't make sense when there are other options out there." 

[14:15] Lindsey: "My motto is progress, not perfection... life happens."

[15:30] What Lindsey does to convey the value in their products so the higher price tag doesn't deter people but invites people who value quality and corporate responsibility. 

[17:25] Lindsey: "Instead of asking why organic food is so expensive, maybe we should be asking why non-organic food so cheap." 

[20:25] Plaine Products' measurable positive impact so far. 

[21:25] Lindsey's greatest learning lessons from her ecopreneurial journey.   


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To follow: Going Zero Waste and Zero Waste Nerd

Words of inspiration: "That I'm making a difference." 

Green tip: Skip some single use plastic. 

Element of hope: "Seeing all the youth activism makes me hopeful. I love seeing the questioning of reality." 

Words of Wisdom: "Persistence, and progress over perfection." 


Two Takeaways