How traveling can inspire connection, harmony, and social and ecological awareness

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How can traveling inspire a deeper appreciation for humankind and its diversity, more harmony and connection in our world, and awareness of our world's social and environmental issues? What does it take to move people to action through social media and visual storytelling?

Sam Potter shares his wisdom with us on this episode. Sam Potter, photographer, filmmaker, and content creator on YouTube and Instagram known as "modern day Tarzan with a camera," shares his wisdom and inspiration with us. Let's dive in. 

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[2:37] What first inspired Sam's passion for the environment. 

[4:03] Kaméa: "What was one of the first things you learned that made you feel like nature was being harmed and needed to be protected?" 

[6:15] How Sam got started with using a camera and creating content. 

[10:49] Kaméa: "You recently shared on Instagram how it can be difficult to work within the social media space in a healthy way. What were you going through that led to this self-awareness?" 

[11:15] Sam: "Creating is a big part of who I am. It's like I have the creative, and then I have the enthusiast. They both need each other and it definitely requires a balance. Because if I go too far into the creative state, I miss the experience.

[12:25] Kaméa: "What motivates you to share your vulnerable, raw emotions with people in such a public space?" 

[13:53] Sam: "At some points in this social media journey, I've gotten so caught up in the likes, and comments, and what people think, and numbers, and how is it doing, and I've tried to detach myself from that.

[14:55] Kaméa: "What are some of your biggest learning lessons in building up your community on social media?" 

[15:39] Sam: "If you can't fall in love with the process, you're not going to get the result... So at some point, I stopped caring what people thought and I started just posting what I actually cared about." 

[17:31] Sam: "If you want to grow a following, you need to be consistent." 

[18:19] Kaméa: "If you learned one thing about humankind through all of your travels, what would that be?" 

[19:05] Sam: "Travel has opened my mind in so many different ways... It's all of these little lessons that slowly break down everything you think you know and allows you to have this broader view and appreciation for the world we live in.

[20:05] Kaméa: "How can we get past our differences to connect with one another more deeply?" 

[24:25] Sam: "Even in the darkest, saddest, most broken situations, there is a lot of beauty."   


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Words of inspiration: "Shut up. That voice in my head isn't really who I am and sometimes I just need to quiet it." 

Health tip: "Be conscious about the food you eat." 

Green tip: "Knowing the effects your food has on the planet and being aware of your plastic consumption." 

Element of hope: "The people." 

Words of Wisdom: "Love who you are, love what you do, and just chase that love forever."   

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