Supporting better nutrition while tackling food waste using spent barley

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What are some key public health and environmental issues stemming from the food and beverage industries that we should know about? How do health concerns sparked by the food industry trap people into states of ill health, making it really hard for people to break free from this cycle? 

Sharing her wisdom here is Sarah Pool, former Founder of Pacific Superfood Snacks and the Co-Founder and CEO of Canvas, a healthy beverage company committed to improving individual and global health through functional nutrition and innovative technology applications. With Canvas, Sarah and her team are transforming spent barley (a bi-product from breweries) into fiber and protein-rich beverages, which supports better nutrition for public health while simultaneously tackling food waste. Let's dive in.

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[2:36] What first inspired Sarah's passion for the environment. 

[3:53] How Sarah  got into the world of health foods. 

[5:05] Sarah explains why so many of our 'health' foods contain unhealthy fillers and gels. 

[7:14] Kaméa: "What was your biggest learning lesson from founding and growing Pacific Superfood Snacks? 

[7:45] Sarah: "A group of really passionate people can make a huge difference in the world.

[9:00] Sarah: "What was really the key to our success was that we just believed so strongly in our dream and we just weren't going to quit in terms of going after it.

[9:32] Sarah explains how Canvas got started. 

[11:21] Sarah discusses what prebiotics and probiotics are and why they're important. 

[12:09] Kaméa: "What did the process look like for you to turn this idea into a reality?" 

[13:28] One of the biggest challenges Sarah has faced in building her brand. 

[15:51] Sarah's advice for those of us working on sustainability or wellness passion projects. 

[16:50] Kaméa: "What do you think are the most alarming health issues sparked by our current mainstream snack and beverage industry that we should be aware of?" 

[19:44] Sarah's thoughts on what we can do to break the junk food cycle that keeps people in ill health. 

[21:52] Insights on the latest eco-friendly food and beverage packaging options. 

[23:34] Kaméa: "What do you think we need most to accelerate toward a national or global population of healthier humans?" 

[23:43] Sarah: "If there's a way we can reconnect to what food really is, I think it will change everything we do.

[25:31] How we can inspire others to make changes, and why it's no longer sustainable to farm the way we have been. 

[26:11] Sarah: "Knowledge is power. Awareness is everything. And the more we celebrate what we have in front of us, the more that awareness will spread."   


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Words of inspiration: “I look for the good in everything and try to be grateful." 

Health tip: "I try to walk 10 miles every day." 

Green tip: "Making more food at home." 

Element of hope: "The next generation of young people and change makers." 

Words of Wisdom: "Keep up the inspiration — it inspires us all."   


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