Transcending national interests to collaborate as one world on climate action (interview with Shyla Raghav of Conservation International)

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If we want to solve climate change, a lot of the solutions come from things that could help us advance even faster.

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Shyla Raghav (@shyla_raghav) is the global climate change strategy lead for Conservation International who's attended almost a decade of United Nations climate change negotiations and international conferences.

On this podcast episode, Shyla sheds light on her learning lessons from having attended these key negotiations; how competition for power, economic status, and technological advancement between countries impact our ability to collaborate on climate mitigation; what "422ppm" means and how we can meaningfully lower greenhouse gases through nature-based solutions; and more.

To start, get a glimpse below into the conversation between Shyla and Green Dreamer Podcast's host, Kaméa Chayne.

On how climate action can support sustainable development:

"In our pursuit for development and advancement, we're causing climate change.

But also, if we want to solve climate change, a lot of the solutions, hope, and inspiration come from things that could help us advance even faster.

So by transitioning to lower-carbon sources of energy, we're also solving pollution issues. By stopping deforestation, we're increasing the preservation of biodiversity and critical species and helping local communities and indigenous people sustain their ways of life."

On what we need most to address our climate crisis:

"What we need right now is people talking about climate change more.

I know it's scary, and it's such a daunting problem. It's very difficult to see how climate change is something that's going to affect you today or tomorrow the way topics like the economy, jobs, or healthcare do.

But I think we need to recognize that climate change is an issue of today.

It's something we need to be engaged in and talking to each other about. Even if we don't know what the answer or solution is, let's talk about it because that's really the only way we're activating our creativity and innovation, and we're making it clear to our leaders, CEOs, and those managing our financial resources that this is important to us."

Shyla’s closing words of wisdom:

"We need more Green Dreamers.

We need more young people, more women. It's really all hands on deck. I think this is really a universal movement for all of us to come together."


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