How minimalism can enrich our lives


How can we get people who are very much still seduced by fast fashion into the idea of buying less and buying better? How can we deal with perfectionism in terms of sustainable living, and be able to just enjoy this journey rather than just constantly feel bad or feel like we're not enough? 

Sharing her expertise on this episode is Signe Hansen, the content creator behind her blog and YouTube channel, Use Less, where she covers minimalism, sustainable fashion, and lifestyle in inquisitive, non-judgmental, and beautiful ways. Let's dive in.

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[2:32] What first inspired Signe's passion for the environment. 

[3:44] Kaméa: "What gave you the courage to step out of the conventional fashion industry and do something different?" 

[5:29] Signe: "I just realized that I didn't need to run around and look for trends to be happy or to have fun with fashion.

[5:49] What led Signe to start her YouTube channel and blog. 

[7:06] Kaméa: "What's been your biggest personal struggle in building up your platforms and community?" 

[8:43] How Signe deals with perfectionism and criticism from viewers. 

[10:54] What Signe says has been one of the keys to growing her audience. 

[12:07] Kaméa: "What do you think makes content really engaging for people?" 

[13:55] Kaméa: "What's been the biggest life lesson you've learned since you've really cut down and embraced minimalism?" 

[14:44] Signe's biggest tips for content creators. 

[15:40] Kaméa: "What do you think is our biggest challenge to making the fashion industry more sustainable?" 

[18:06] Signe: "I don't think you can ever say that it's only the consumers or that it's only the brands; I think it has to be kind of a collaboration between the consumer and the brand."

[20:40] Kaméa: "What can we do to inspire the consumers who are still very into fast fashion?" 

[21:54] A few of the benefits of minimalism that don't have to do with sustainability. 

[22:56] Kaméa: "Going beyond fashion, what do you think we need most to accelerate toward a thriving, healthy planet?" 

[23:03] How the fear of missing out is a huge driver of over-consumption and how we can combat that.   

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Words of inspiration: "I want to be different and I want to make a difference." 

Health tip: "I work out 2-3 times every week, mainly with a focus on my mental health." 

Green tip: "I'm working with Danish website who is going to help me learn how to have a more sustainable laundry routine." 

Element of hope: "So many people are actually interested in the field and open to living more sustainably." 

Words of Wisdom: "Do your best until you know better. And when you know better, do better."  


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