Inspiring Eco Awareness Through Fun Festivals

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 How can we bring more fun into sustainability so we can draw more people into the space? To inspire greater awareness and action, how can in-person events move people in ways our online world just can't? Stephanie Dickson, Founder of The Wedge and Green is the New Black shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in. 

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[1:57] What first inspired Stephanie's passion for the environment. 

[6:54] The biggest challenge Stephanie has faced in creating the first eco-festival in Asia. 

[8:02] Stephanie: "I really had to learn to be kinder to myself, enjoy the journey, celebrate the wins, and realize that the small changes make a big difference."

[8:54] Kaméa: "How do you determine what to test out in business and when to let an idea go?" 

[9:32] Stephanie: "Your gut is a lot more powerful than you think and you have to follow that."

[10:54] Kaméa: "What's something you've learned from the Green is the New Black event that has shifted your perspective on sustainability?" 

[11:59] Stephanie: "People are ready to hear about the works-in-progress that brands are doing." 

[15:23] Kaméa: "What is the importance of bringing fun into this often very serious space, and what did you do to incorporate fun into the festival?" 

[17:22] What Stephanie says in-person events can do for sustainability that the online connections can't. 

[18:52] Kaméa: "What are the essentials to throwing events where people will talk away inspired and ready to take action?" 

[19:51] Stephanie: "When I'm designing events, I think about: inspiration, knowledge, and action."

[21:14] What Stephanie views as one of Asia's biggest current challenges to sustainability. 

[23:09] Stephanie: "We are seeing change happening... The biggest challenge is really getting all three parts—the government, the businesses, and the consumers—to really work together, and what I'm seeing right now is that's not really happening." 

[26:50] Kaméa: "What did you do to be able to reach people so deeply?"   


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Words of inspiration: "Every little bit matters—never underestimate the power of daily changes." 

Health tip: "Be with nature at least once a week. And yoga." 

Green tip: "Refuse anything you don't need. Say no to single-use items." 

Element of hope: "The kids!" Words of Wisdom: "Every little green step makes a difference, and let's celebrate the wins together."   

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