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Tara Mackey talks Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

 If you're feeling a little lost, this episode will feed your soul and light your way. Tara Mackey is the bestselling author of Cured by Nature and WILD Habits, a soul singer, an award-winning CEO and Founder of The Organic Life, and a motivational speaker. From hitting rock bottom to completely turning her life around into all that she is today, Tara shares her story of healing, acceptance of divinity, what it takes to initiate a chain reaction of positive changes for our health and the health of our planet, and more. Let's dive in. 

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[02:15] How Tara came to realize the healing powers of nature. 

[04:15] Tara: "[I realized] if I wanted to heal, I needed to probably not be on 14 different drugs." 

[07:45] Tara: "Once you start changing one thing, you see it reflect in so many areas of your life and it feels so good you just want to do it over and over again… That's what nature does." 

[10:25] Tara: "Just the basic understanding of biology - we're all made up of the same things. When you barefoot connect to the earth, that really means something." 

[11:55] Tara: "When people see you doing it, it becomes way more plausible for them to do it and… realize that normal everyday people are saving the world one step at a time, every single day.

[12:15] Kaméa: "With anxiety, depression, chronic illness on the rise, and our planet's health also deteriorating, what do you think we need most to turn these trends around in a healthier direction?" 

[15:00] Kaméa: "What was your biggest challenge going from self-healing to being an entrepreneur, putting yourself out there?" 

[16:50] Tara: "You get rewarded every single time you open up and are vulnerable… I promise you people will respond, and you'll be reminded of why you're doing what you're doing, or what you're supposed to do next." 

[17:20] Tara: "I [was motivated to share this because I] knew it would help more people than me keeping it inside." [18:40] Kaméa: "You published a book, you have a blog - how did these things come about?" 

[19:30] Tara: "It feels like everything in my life has added up to this moment in time perfectly in a way I never ever could have imagined or orchestrated." 

[19:55] Tara: "Get vulnerable. Connect with the earth. Connect with yourself. Admit things you've been hiding for years - get to the real root of your problems… start opening up. It really changes things and everything gets put into perspective immediately." 

[20:25] Tara: "Become what you want to see… Create what you wish existed."

[21:20] What Tara's most proud of having accomplished 

[23:20] Tara: "Every woman needs to read every other woman in the world's story… that's how we can really heal each other as a gender, as women, as mothers, as sisters… that's how we're going to change the world." 

[23:40] Tara introduces the essence of her just-published book, WILD Habits. 

[27:40] Tara: "I wanted to focus on women (not that it's written only for women). Because almost all the books I'd read about habits are written by men." 

[29:05] How the method shared in WILD Habits can support us as eco creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs. 

[29:30] Tara: "Unlocking your mind gives you clarity on what you're here to do… improving your health gives you the ability to do that. [Then] when you're at optimum health, you can do what you're truly meant to do."   


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