Normalizing Sustainable Living and Building an Engaged Community Through Video

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How can we leverage the power of video to share our ideas on sustainability, deepen our relationships with our audience, and grow our reach? How can we help to normalize eco-conscious living so we don't feel like the odd one out in social gatherings? Today, Erin of YouTube channel and blog My Green Closet shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[02:20] What got Erin into sustainability and conscious fashion.

[03:45] A problem about the fashion industry that made Erin feel like she wanted to be a part of positive change in the field. 

[06:20] Erin's path to starting My Green Closet. 

[07:25] Erin: "I knew nothing [about YouTube before getting started]." 

[14:40] Erin on the power of video in engaging and effective communication. 

[15:30] How Erin goes about creating engaging content. 

[17:00] Erin: "I think it's important to highlight that you don't have to be perfect."

[18:55] Erin: "It's about seeing all the good things you can do, rather than tallying up all the things you did wrong." 

[19:50] What Erin is most proud of having accomplished. 

[22:45] How we can help normalize sustainable living and bring more people into the conversation in positive, inclusive ways.   

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Words of inspiration: "We rise by lifting others." 

Green tip: "Kettles take so much energy to boil water... So if you're a coffee or tea drinker, a really easy thing you can do is only boil the amount of water you need." 

Element of hope: "A lot of the innovation that's happening." 

Words of Wisdom: "It's really important to remember why you're doing what you're doing."   

Two Takeaways