Tapping into Love and the Power of Art and Music to Strengthen the Sustainability Movement

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Recipient of President Obama's United States Community Service Award in 2013, the Peace First Prize of 2015, Nickelodeon Halo Award in 2015, and more, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez has been at the forefront leading youth activists in conservation and giving speeches since he was 6 years old.

As an indigenous climate activist, hip hop artist, author of We Rise, TEDx speaker, and Youth Director of Earth Guardians, he's spoken at major environmental events around the world and in front of the United Nations multiple times. 

How can we leverage the power of art and music to support the sustainability movement? In this time of need, what has the most untapped potential that can help us accelerate towards a thriving planet? On this episode, Xiuhtezcatl shares his wisdom with you. Let's dive in.

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[2:33] What first inspired Xiuhtezcatl's passion for the environment. 

[3:52] Kaméa: "What did you learn that made you realize that our planet needed to be protected?" 

[4:22] Xiuhtezcatl: "The fact that human life exists is miraculous... And we're just messing with the balance." 

[5:01] Kaméa: "What gave you the courage to speak up as a child in a world run by adults?" 

[5:57] Xiuhtezcatl: "I had a platform at a young age because of my supportive community. They helped me see my potential and recognize that if I use my voice, people will listen. A lot of young people don't get to understand that." 

[8:51] Xiuhtezcatl's greatest personal challenge throughout his activism so far. 

[9:16] Xiuhtezcatl: "I see my potential. I can visualize the power I have and build what I want to see in the world." 

[11:01] Kaméa: "What would your biggest piece of guidance be for someone who feels crushed by all of the things going wrong in the world?" 

[11:30] Xiuhtezcatl: "As soon as you can connect to the piece of yourself that is involved in the world from a place of love, that's when you're doing it right."

[12:37] Xiuhtezcatl: "It's not about stopping climate change; it's about ensuring that future generations have a healthy, just, habitable world." 

[13:32] Kaméa: "What's been the most important thing you've learned from being surrounded by thought leaders in the space?" 

[14:40] Xiuhtezcatl: "What's going to change things is when we come together, when we collaborate, and when we're working together... and a lot of people are afraid of that." 

[18:42] Kaméa: "How do art and music support the climate movement?" 

[19:28] Xiuhtezcatl: "Art is one of the most influential platforms we have in the world. As an artist, I have a responsibility to create art and to inspire and connect to the world." 

[20:45] What Xiuhtezcatl is most proud of having accomplished. 

[21:39] Xiuhtezcatl: "We really can touch the people around us in a significant way, and that's a huge responsibility." 

[22:43] Kaméa: "Across all of the things you've done, what method do you think has the most untapped potential to inspire action?" 

[31:53] Xiuhtezcatl: "We all have a part to play, so make sure you're playing your part." 



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Words of inspiration: "Drink lots of water. Meditate daily. Be around people you love. Don't take yourself too seriously." 

Green tip: "Stop eating meat just even for one meal a day or week." 

Element of hope: "My little sister." 

Words of Wisdom: "It's time."   

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