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While Green Dreamer is a digital media platform and community, we believe strongly in the power of communing and connecting in-person. In light of this, we've rounded up a list of events from our fellow green dreamers and allies centered around regeneration, empowerment, reconnection, and the celebration of our Earth.

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October 17 – 27, 2019 | New York, NY
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: An international film festival and conference focusing on the importance of biodiversity.

October 15 - 18, 2019 | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Textile Sustainability Conference: Learn from industry experts on today’s most pressing sustainability topics, connect with a diverse global group of leaders from across the supply chain, and discover emerging trends and opportunities in textile sustainability.

October 18 - 20, 2019 | San Rafael, CA
Bioneers 2019 Conference: For its 30th conference, "Seeding the Field: Growing Transformative Solutions," Bioneers has assembled a visionary program reflecting decades of transformative solutions and trail-blazing pathways that its growing community has so brilliantly developed.


October 19, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


October 29 – 30, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA
REMODE: The premier event for disruptive and sustainable fashion.


November 2 - 3, 2019 | Singapore
The Conscious Festival: With game-changing talks and panels and a conscious marketplace, The Conscious Festival empowers people with the knowledge and inspiration they need to take positive actions for their life and work.

November 30, 2019 | London
Pebblefestive: Conscious holiday festival and street fair with workshops, a marketplace, and more.


Summer 2020 | Nashville, TN
Live on the Green: Free outdoor music festival


Past events of 2019:


January 28 – 30 | Scotts Valley, CA
The World-Changing Women’s Summit: A conference featuring a powerhouse group of female leaders who will share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around best practices for leading and thriving in the conscious business world.



February 13 – 16 | Nuremberg, Germany
BIOFACH: The world’s biggest trade fair for organic food, bringing organic producers and retailers together to find the best and newest organic foods.


February 14 – 15 | Los Angeles, CA
The Heart Series: A conference for conscious brands, entrepreneurs, and organizations looking to connect and learn how their business can make a bigger impact.


February 15 – 16 | New Haven, CT
The Yale Food Symposium: An annual gathering of interdisciplinary students and professionals seeking to better understand the environment through food. This year’s symposium will focus on community-based approaches to food systems.



March 5 – 9 | Los Angeles, CA
Expo West: The west coast’s leading fair connecting natural food, beauty, and health producers with like-minded retailers.


March 21 – 22 | Melbourn, Australia
The Australian Circular Fashion Conference:An Australian textile and apparel conference focusing on circularity workshops for improving the fashion industry.



April 2 – May 19 | Online or in Los Angeles, CA
Kiss The Ground Soil Advocate Training: A course that teaches influencers, press, advocates, and interested individuals how to effectively speak about the power of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture


April 9 – 10 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sustainable Apparel & Textiles Conference: A two-day conference by and for sustainable fashion industry professionals that will address the most pressing issues related to the apparel industry today.


April 10 – 12 | Scotts Valley, CA
Conscious Company Leaders Forum: The premier gathering for the who’s who of CEOs, executives, investors, and thought leaders who are interested in conscious business, where companies make a profit and have a positive impact on society.


April 22 – 28 | Worldwide
Fashion Revolution Week: Marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. Brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain while consumers are encouraged to ask #whomademyclothes?


April 23 – 25 | Phoenix, Arizona
Conscious Capitalism Conference: A conference for CEOs and executive teams, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and others who are committed to elevating humanity through business.


April 24 | Los Angeles, CA
The Future of Design Workshop:An interctive event for brands & designers to explore sustainable design solutions with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


April 26 | New York, NY
Global Fest: A party focused on celebrating and bringing together the fair trade fashion, activism, artist, and educational communities in NYC.


April 26 & 27 | Portland, OR
The Sustainable Fashion Forum: A conference focused on fostering honest dialogues and looking to the future for improving the fashion industry.


April 27 | London, UK
Study Hall: Sustainable Fashion Conference: This edition of Study Hall is focused on Sustainability As A Culture and will be exploring ways to use a wholistic, human centered approach to bringing different industries together under the mission of improving literacy on the topic of sustainability in fashion.



May 2 – 4 | Germany
Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Developmenta UN Secretary General initiative aiming to inspire and connect everyone to join the global movement taking action for the SDGs.


May 8 – 13 | Central California
Lightening In A Bottle: A music festival that upholds the values of cultural respect, enthusiastic consent, safety, and sustainability. The festival utilizes free water, recycling & composting stations, and renewable energy to keep the experience green.


May 10 | Los Angeles, CA
Yellow Conference: A gathering for women using their gifts, skills, and talents to work together for the good of the world.


May 13 – 16 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Youth Fashion Summit: A UN Global Compact x Global Fashion Agenda that challenges the world’s top 100 fashion students to create solutions that will ensure the fashion industry meets the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


May 15 – 16 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Fashion Summit: The world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion.


May 17 – 19 | Boulder, CO
Massively Mobilizing Sustainability: Deep Leadership for the 21st Century: A 3-Day summit for executives, educators, and entrepreneurs that provides the tools, knowledge, and framework needed to lead with the greatest impact.
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May 18 | Mission Viejo, CA
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


May 19 – 24 | San Francisco, CA
SEED: Hosted by the same partners as TRANSFORM, this conference takes a deep dive into the successes in impact investing around the world and explores further ways of bringing different industries together to increase impact.


May 22 – 24 | San Francisco, CA
TRANSFORM: A coming together of brilliant and passionate strangers from diverse industries who share the goal of pushing sustainability further than ever before, through impact investing.


May 29 – 30 | Los Angeles, CA
EMA Impact Summit: A 2-day sustainable business summit on the potential of a green economy.



June 1 – 2 | Paris, France
We Love Green: Music, art, talks, food, and nature.

June 3 - 6 | Vancouver, Canada
Women Deliver Conference: The world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women.


June 28 – 30 | Vancouver, Canada
Ocean Heroes Bootcamp: An educational and action-focused conference that empowers the future generation of leaders in ocean conservation.



July 1 - 2 | Twin Cities, MN
Slow Flower Summit: a conference designed to stimulate curiosity, examine conventional assumptions, and explore conscious and ethical practices in the floral industry.

July 27 | Chicago, IL
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


August 1-4 | UK
The Green GatheringFour days of music, spoken word, cabaret, crafts, campaigns, campfires, low impact living, love and green life.


August 15 – 18 | Wales
Green Man: Music, comedy, literature, cinema, Welsh beer, science, and art.


August 17 – 19 | Hereford, UK
Sunrise Celebration: An ethical living, organic, arts and music festival.


August 22 – 25 | England
Shambala: An anti-corporate, independent, gloriously ramshackle affair with sustainability & community at its heart.


August 25 | Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Burning Man: A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers.


September 4 | New York, NY
FASHINNOVATION: Panel Talks by changemakers in the Fashion & Technology industries, and more.

September 7 | New York, NY
AIR Symposium: A symposium dedicated to Eric and Erica Garner addressing the various encumbrances to our breathing as people of color.

September 20 | Worldwide
Global Climate Strike: Three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis.

September 23 - 29 | New York, NY
Climate Week: Run in coordination with the UN and the City of New York, Climate Week continues to grow as the time and place for the world to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more.

September 24 - 28 | Cape Town, South Africa
Society for Ecological Restoration 8th World Conference: “Restoring Land, Water & Community Resilience”


October 17 - 27 | New York, NY
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: Over 100 films, representing more than 40 nations. Filmmakers, scientists, wildlife conservationists in attendance from across the globe. Ten days of film screenings, panel discussions, receptions, field trips, networking and more.


*This is a non-exhaustive list that will continually be updated. Please check back for more soon.

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