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January 28 – 30 | Scotts Valley, CA
The World-Changing Women’s Summit: A conference featuring a powerhouse group of female leaders who will share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around best practices for leading and thriving in the conscious business world.



February 13 – 16 | Nuremberg, Germany
BIOFACH: The world’s biggest trade fair for organic food, bringing organic producers and retailers together to find the best and newest organic foods.


February 14 – 15 | Los Angeles, CA
The Heart Series: A conference for conscious brands, entrepreneurs, and organizations looking to connect and learn how their business can make a bigger impact.


February 15 – 16 | New Haven, CT
The Yale Food Symposium: An annual gathering of interdisciplinary students and professionals seeking to better understand the environment through food. This year’s symposium will focus on community-based approaches to food systems.



March 5 – 9 | Los Angeles, CA
Expo West: The west coast’s leading fair connecting natural food, beauty, and health producers with like-minded retailers.


March 21 – 22 | Melbourn, Australia
The Australian Circular Fashion Conference:An Australian textile and apparel conference focusing on circularity workshops for improving the fashion industry.



April 2 – May 19 | Online or in Los Angeles, CA
Kiss The Ground Soil Advocate Training: A course that teaches influencers, press, advocates, and interested individuals how to effectively speak about the power of healthy soil and regenerative agriculture


April 9 – 10 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sustainable Apparel & Textiles Conference: A two-day conference by and for sustainable fashion industry professionals that will address the most pressing issues related to the apparel industry today.


April 10 – 12 | Scotts Valley, CA
Conscious Company Leaders Forum: The premier gathering for the who’s who of CEOs, executives, investors, and thought leaders who are interested in conscious business, where companies make a profit and have a positive impact on society.


April 22 – 28 | Worldwide
Fashion Revolution Week: Marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. Brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain while consumers are encouraged to ask #whomademyclothes?


April 23 – 25 | Phoenix, Arizona
Conscious Capitalism Conference: A conference for CEOs and executive teams, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and others who are committed to elevating humanity through business.


April 24 | Los Angeles, CA
The Future of Design Workshop:An interctive event for brands & designers to explore sustainable design solutions with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


April 26 | New York, NY
Global Fest: A party focused on celebrating and bringing together the fair trade fashion, activism, artist, and educational communities in NYC.


April 26 & 27 | Portland, OR
The Sustainable Fashion Forum: A conference focused on fostering honest dialogues and looking to the future for improving the fashion industry.


April 27 | London, UK
Study Hall: Sustainable Fashion Conference: This edition of Study Hall is focused on Sustainability As A Culture and will be exploring ways to use a wholistic, human centered approach to bringing different industries together under the mission of improving literacy on the topic of sustainability in fashion.



May 2 – 4 | Germany
Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Developmenta UN Secretary General initiative aiming to inspire and connect everyone to join the global movement taking action for the SDGs.


May 8 – 13 | Central California
Lightening In A Bottle: A music festival that upholds the values of cultural respect, enthusiastic consent, safety, and sustainability. The festival utilizes free water, recycling & composting stations, and renewable energy to keep the experience green.


May 10 | Los Angeles, CA
Yellow Conference: A gathering for women using their gifts, skills, and talents to work together for the good of the world.


May 13 – 16 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Youth Fashion Summit: A UN Global Compact x Global Fashion Agenda that challenges the world’s top 100 fashion students to create solutions that will ensure the fashion industry meets the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


May 15 – 16 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Fashion Summit: The world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion.


May 17 – 19 | Boulder, CO
Massively Mobilizing Sustainability: Deep Leadership for the 21st Century: A 3-Day summit for executives, educators, and entrepreneurs that provides the tools, knowledge, and framework needed to lead with the greatest impact.
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May 18 | Mission Viejo, CA
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


May 19 – 24 | San Francisco, CA
SEED: Hosted by the same partners as TRANSFORM, this conference takes a deep dive into the successes in impact investing around the world and explores further ways of bringing different industries together to increase impact.


May 22 – 24 | San Francisco, CA
TRANSFORM: A coming together of brilliant and passionate strangers from diverse industries who share the goal of pushing sustainability further than ever before, through impact investing.


May 29 – 30 | Los Angeles, CA
EMA Impact Summit: A 2-day sustainable business summit on the potential of a green economy.



June 1 – 2 | Paris, France
We Love Green: Music, art, talks, food, and nature.

June 3 - 6 | Vancouver, Canada
Women Deliver Conference: The world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women.


June 28 – 30 | Vancouver, Canada
Ocean Heroes Bootcamp: An educational and action-focused conference that empowers the future generation of leaders in ocean conservation.



July 1 - 2 | Twin Cities, MN
Slow Flower Summit: a conference designed to stimulate curiosity, examine conventional assumptions, and explore conscious and ethical practices in the floral industry.

July 27 | Chicago, IL
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


August 1-4 | UK
The Green GatheringFour days of music, spoken word, cabaret, crafts, campaigns, campfires, low impact living, love and green life.


August 15 – 18 | Wales
Green Man: Music, comedy, literature, cinema, Welsh beer, science, and art.


August 17 – 19 | Hereford, UK
Sunrise Celebration: An ethical living, organic, arts and music festival.


August 22 – 25 | England
Shambala: An anti-corporate, independent, gloriously ramshackle affair with sustainability & community at its heart.


August 25 | Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Burning Man: A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers.


September 4 | New York, NY
FASHINNOVATION: Panel Talks by changemakers in the Fashion & Technology industries, and more.

September 24 - 28 | Cape Town, South Africa
Society for Ecological Restoration 8th World Conference: “Restoring Land, Water & Community Resilience”


October 17 – 27 | New York, NY
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: An international film festival and conference focusing on the importance of biodiversity.

October 15 - 18 | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Textile Sustainability Conference: Learn from industry experts on today’s most pressing sustainability topics, connect with a diverse global group of leaders from across the supply chain, and discover emerging trends and opportunities in textile sustainability.


October 19 | Los Angeles, CA
She Day: A series of events designed to bring women together to learn all about living a sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) lifestyle and to inspire action.


October 29 – 30 | Los Angeles, CA
REMODE: The premier event for disruptive and sustainable fashion.


TBD | Asia (multiple locations)
Green is the New Black: Asia’s first conscious festival


TBD | Nashville, TN
Live on the Green: Free outdoor music festival


TBD | Location TBD
Social Enterprise Alliance Conference: A conference for social impact entrepreneurs and employees, both non-profit and for-profit.


*This is a non-exhaustive list that will continually be updated. Please check back for more soon.


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