Shifting Away From Apparel Made Using Plastic Microfibers


Why is it important for us to minimize our purchasing of clothes with microplastic fibers, like virgin polyester and nylon? How can we support sustainability markets to grow when conscious consumers, by nature, are trying to buy less? Andrea Plell, Founder of Ecologique, a PR, communications, and event production company, Co-Founder of Sustainable Fashion Alliance, and the West Coast Regional Director of Fashion Revolution USA, shares her wisdom with us on this episode. Let's dive in.

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[2:28] What first inspired Andrea's passion for the environment. 

[6:05] What led Andrea to a career in sustainable fashion. 

[7:24] Andrea: "I want people to know that it is possible to go through grief, but still live a happy life... Although it certainly took time for me, I know that if I could make it through something so challenging, I could do anything." 

[8:31] Andrea: "There wasn't a job out there for something like this at the time, so I ended up creating the role for myself.

[8:53] Kaméa: "What kept you going in spite of this really difficult time in your life?" 

[11:04] Kaméa: "How has marketing been traditionally used, and how can we best use it for sustainability?" 

[13:36] Andrea explains the paradigm shift that's needed in the fashion industry.

[15:36] Kaméa: "What was your biggest challenge in building out your business in the sustainability space?" 

[18:44] Andrea talks about one of the most common struggles sustainable brands face through her experience working with them. 

[21:04] Andrea's biggest pieces of advice for someone just starting out on an eco entrepreneurial venture. 

[22:30] Andrea: "Fashion really needs to be beautiful, and the craftsmanship and the beauty of it really needs to shine through first, even before the sustainable message." 

[25:20] Kaméa: "How can we support eco brands and the sustainability market when conscious consumers are trying to buy less?" 

[28:02] What Andrea says are our biggest sustainability issues in the fashion industry. 

[29:25] The problem with 'sweat wicking' and synthetic fabrics. 

[31:20] The common misperception of donating clothing.   

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Words of inspiration: "You are the key to your own perception of life. So look on the bright side." 

Health tip: "Take two walks with my dogs by the river." 

Green tip: "Before you buy something new, see if you can find it secondhand." 

Element of hope: "This community. And our capacity for compassion." 

Words of Wisdom: "Slow down and be mindful of yourself. It's okay to take a break, even in this fast-paced world. Enjoy your life!"   

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