What we need to know about renewables and electric cars


What are some things we need to know about electric cars and the future of renewable energy? What does it take to scale our audience size into the millions, so that we can inspire and engage with more people with our work? Seth Leitman of Green Living Guy – a guru on electric cars and renewable energy who also writes about LED green lighting, indoor air quality, alternative-fueled vehicles, and more, shares his wisdom with us.Let's dive in.

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[2:00] What first inspired Seth's passion for the environment. 

[5:24] How Seth eventually became a blogger at Green Living Guy after working in sustainability with the state of New York. 

[6:30] Kaméa: "What's been your greatest personal struggle over all of these years in growing your platforms?"

[7:52] How Seth has managed to balance creating helpful content for people while also making money. 

[8:59] Seth: "Just keep showing up. Find one thing in particular that you're an expert in and focus on it. And then from there, everything else becomes obvious." 

[9:39] Kaméa: "What has been the key to Green Living Guy really taking off and becoming a leader in this space?" 

[10:08] "When Rupert Murdoch says, Content is cash... it is. So the more you put out there that is quality, readable, and SEO-friendly, it's a very special combination." 

[12:20] Kaméa: "What's something most people don't know about electric cars that we should know?" 

[16:27] What Seth thinks is our biggest roadblock today to transitioning to renewable energy on a national and global scale. 

[18:04] How investing in solar energy for your home or business can actually save instead of cost you money. 

[22:35] Seth: "You can do more with your wallet than people imagine."

[24:26] Seth: "It's really as simple as economics. The more people buy a certain product, the more the companies will produce that product."   

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