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How can we take ownership and responsibility of our own lives so that we can be empowered to take action and make a difference? What do we need to properly to take care of ourselves holistically so that we have the energy and motivation to bring about our best work? Ashley James, holistic health coach and host of a top podcast on wellness, Learn True Health, shares her wisdom with us on this episode. Let's dive in.

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[2:35] What first inspired Ashley's passion for holistic wellness. 

[8:48] Ashley: "There is a huge connection between every single morsel of food you put into your mouth and your health."

[9:17] Kaméa: "What kept you going through the years when you lacked true health?" 

[12:24] Ashley: "We have to make sure we address healing on all levels." 

[12:30] Kaméa: "What was one of the most important things you learned for self development that made your mental and emotional energy strong?" 

[12:57] Ashley: "When you take on 100% responsibility, there is no victim in life... The more we give up our power by being a victim, the more we've lost and the more we are just giving up all of our energy, and the person who's victimized us has won.

[14:45] Kaméa: "What's a common theme you've heard over and over again while interviewing holistic practitioners for your podcast?" 

[15:47] Ashley: "You need to listen to your body and the symptoms of your body so that you can tweak and adjust your diet and lifestyle as you go." 

[16:57] Why it's important and helpful to pay attention to your skin. 

[19:20] Why genetics are important but don't fully determine whether or not we will have an illness. 

[21:16] Ashley on how we may need to evolve our diets over the seasons and as we age. 

[23:38] Ashley on how we might be able to reverse the downward trends of public health and environmental health.  


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Words of inspiration: "I think about the positive reviews I have or the last person I helped, or I'll do a random act of kindness." 

Health tip: "Sauna." 

Green tip: "Go meatless for a week." 

Element of hope: "The millennials." 

Words of Wisdom: "That we are making a difference and we are responsible for the change that we want to see in the world."   

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