How chemicals leach out of plastics to impact our health


How can we use the analogy of pasta and pasta sauce to better understand plastics and their health impacts? Why is it that we urgently need more research and development to find alternatives to plastic, especially for food packaging? Chantal Plamondon, Co-Founder and CEO of Life Without Plasticshares her wisdom with us. Let's dive in.

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[2:10] What first inspired Chantal's passion for nature. 

[3:06] Kaméa: "At what point did you realize that our planet needs protection?" 

[5:42] What got Chantal interested in plastic pollution in particular. 

[8:14] Chantal: "It started when I was just addressing my need, but I knew there were probably other parents who had the same need."

[09:40] Something we should know about the health impacts of plastics. 

[10:46] Chantal on what increases the likelihood chemicals leach from plastics. 

[12:23] What led Chantal to start her company, Life Without Plastic. 

[15:54] What keeps Chantal going, even when she experiences discouraging moments. 

[17:31] Kaméa: "You do so many things for your business! How do you stay organized to get everything done?" 

[19:27] What Chantal believes has been the key to Life Without Plastic becoming an industry authority. 

[21:09] Chantal discusses her book, Life Without Plastic. 

[21:15] Chantal: "Small steps work. A lot of people are really overwhelmed... But what we're seeing is that the majority of the waste we generate comes from just a few single-use plastic items we use every day.

[23:22] Chantal's greatest frustrations with the way we currently handle waste management. 

[26:38] What the individual consumer can do to support more research and development for healthier packaging.   

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Words of inspiration: "I look at my son."

Health tip: "The 5 Tibetans." 

Green tip: "Bring your own reusable coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop." 

Element of hope: "Everything that's happened on the plastic front over the last six months, specifically with the Canadian government initiatives." 

Words of Wisdom: "Small steps! It starts with one new habit."   

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