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Kestrel Jenkins on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

As creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists, how can we overcome perfectionism to take action in what we want to do? How can we effectively tell stories of sustainability, keeping it inclusive and engaging, so that we can grow the movement more quickly? Today, host of Conscious Chatter and Co-Founder of Left Edit, Kestrel Jenkins, shares her wisdom with us. Let's dive in.

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[02:25] What got Kestrel into sustainable fashion. 

[05:15] Kestrel: "According to India's National Crime Records Bureau, in India between 1993 and 2003, 1248 farmers had committed suicide." 

[06:50] Kestrel's path from awareness into building out her own platform to share her passion. 

[07:25] Kestrel: "After a couple years, I burnt out... I had to step back and reassess how I was going to work in this space." 

[08:35] Kestrel: "[I wanted my work to be about] bringing more people in... so we can all learn together, and not be in a situation where it's like finger pointing - no, don't do this, yes, do this. I wanted it to have an inclusive approach.

[09:10] What got Kestrel to become a pioneering podcaster in sustainable fashion. 

[10:55] Kestrel: "Often I won't do things because I want them to be perfect, and it holds me back from actually getting over the hurdle of just starting things."

[14:15] Kaméa: "Let's say you wanted to start something new today, and a voice is telling you it's not good enough. How would you respond?" 

[15:30] What Kestrel's most proud of having accomplished. 

[16:55] Kestrel's biggest takeaway on what has been most effective in helping sustainability grow after having interviewed so many thought leaders in the space. 

[19:00] Kestrel's thoughts on what we can do to make conversations around discouraging issues engaging. 

[21:00] Kestrel: "The negative approach - if you think back to psychology - doesn't help people feel welcome. When they feel down... they don't feel like they want to take action - they want to shut it down." 

[22:40] How we can make sustainability more inclusive

[23:35] Kestrel: "It's not a simple story. It's really complicated - an intricate conversation... The fact is it's never going to be figured out - we all just need to be continuously working on it." 

[24:30] How Kestrel balances staying objective as a storyteller while also expressing her opinions. 

[26:30] Kestrel: "There's so much we can learn from people who have different opinions than ours."

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