Pela Case from Being Laughed At to Leading the Industry by Example

Jeremy Lang on Sustainability via Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne

Now that we know about plastic pollution, what's next? What do we need to start with an idea, turn it into a physical product, and then to bring the brand to life? Today, eco smartphone case brand Pela Case's Co-Founder, Jeremy Lang, shares his wisdom with us. Let's dive in.

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[02:05] What got Jeremy into sustainability. 

[06:50] How Jeremy turned his idea into an actual product. 

[07:30] Products that are compostable in special facilities vs. ones that are compostable in our backyards. 

[08:55] The hardest part for the Pela Case team going from product to launching the brand. 

[10:55] How Pela Case was able to touch on people's emotions in its messaging for more engaging marketing. 

[11:40] Jeremy: "We wanted to make sure that it wasn't an eco-friendly product that didn't function well. We wanted to make sure #1 it was designed really well, protected your phone, felt really great. But also was eco-friendly." 

[13:40] Keys to helping Pela Case take off as a brand. 

[14:55] Jeremy: "It really seems like we can make a difference."

[15:45] What Pela Case's team did to secure some great, viral press features. 

[17:00] Kaméa: "What do you think the world needs to not have any plastic issues at all? What does that world look like?" 

[17:45] Jeremy: "You can look at it two ways... what a big pile of garbage, or you can say... what an opportunity..." 

[20:20] Kaméa: "How can we inspire conventional companies to be more responsible for the products they're putting out (that will eventually be disposed of)?" 

[21:20] Pela Case's next steps.   

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To follow: Podcasts like The Tim Ferris Show or How I Built This.

Source of inspiration: Looking at his children and setting a good example for them. 

Self-care action: Trying to sweat every day. 

Green tip: Question everything you see plastic-wise. Say no to straws. 

Element of hope: "The way we can connect and engage as a global community." 

Words of Wisdom: "Just take action."   

Two Takeaways