Saving the Face of Sustainability and Getting Publicity for Your Conscious Brand

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If you're curious how PR can elevate your work, how to get started finding a good publicist, and what it means to do PR for yourself, this is an episode for you! What do you need to have in place before pitching your work to secure press features in order to increase your likelihood of getting featured? What do we need to help sustainability go from being a niche topic to being widely discussed? PR expert for ethical and sustainable brands, Stephanie Sica of Orchard and Broome (now The Number 29), shares her wisdom with you. Let's dive in. 

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[2:23] What got Stephanie into sustainable living. 

[3:43] Stephanie: "I love the innovation and creativity that sustainability offers."

[4:01] What led Stephanie to starting the first PR firm to selectively represent eco and ethical brands, Orchard and Broome. 

[6:29] Kaméa: "What's been one of your biggest challenges in being a pioneer in this space?" 

[7:46] What Stephanie does to establish work/life balance as an entrepreneur.

[8:36] One thing eco-creatives and entrepreneurs can do to increase reach and credibility. 

[10:11] How to know when a brand ready to work with a PR agency. 

[11:52] Why it's important for brands to have of a budget and invest in long term relationships. 

[14:38] What it means for entrepreneurs do do PR for themselves. 

[16:48] What brands should look for in a publicist. 

[21:40] Stephanie: "I think we need to work hard to stress the inclusivity of sustainability and the idea that sustainability can be for everybody.

[24:00] Kaméa: "What do you think PR makes possible for a brand?"

[28:00] Stephanie: "I kept my head down and worked really hard. I also don't follow traditional PR rules. I don't compare myself to others because I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't do things my way."   


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Words of inspiration: "Good things come to those who work really hard." 

Green tip: "One, shut off the water while you're brushing your teeth. Two, try to use a travel mug for your coffee." 

Element of hope: "Innovation and technology." 

Words of Wisdom: "It is not easy to start a business. Just remember to give yourself some credit, grace, and downtime along the way."   

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