3 Green Dreamers Share Beginner's Tips to Becoming an Active Citizen in the U.S. for Sustainability



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Phoebe Lloyd

  • Website: www.barechange.org

  • Instagram:@barechange

  • Twitter: @barechange

  • Guidance on political activism: "The saying 'Think Globally, Act Locally' goes a long way here. Communicating with your local representatives, even if it is on an online platform like Twitter or Facebook, shows them that their constituents are watching and engaging. If something in your neighborhood, city, or state makes you question things (like a lack of a rural recycling program, or high levels of toxins in your local city water utility) - let them know you are aware of the issue and will support them in finding a solution. It is hard not to blame individuals in power for the problem, so instead be helpful by supporting them to make the right decision for people and the planet. If a politician does something that you appreciate them taking a stance on, THANK THEM. Far too often, they only get phone calls or letters from folks complaining or fighting against their decisions. The act of a Thank You shows them that the work they are doing is valid and recognized."

Aditi Mayer

  • Website: www.adimay.com

  • Instagram:@aditimayer

  • Guidance on political activism: "Acknowledge the agency and power that you can exercise as an individual. We all wear many hats: From creators to consumers, to the role we play in our friends and families life. I think more than just an angry think piece or Instagram post, the real changes and critical dialogues we can have come from our interpersonal circles, whether that’s how you lead as an example in those spaces or initial dialogue. Additionally, I think it’s important to remember that importance of staying critical — stay critical of what you’ve been taught, and continuing to engage in one’s relationship with discomfort — it’s the only way we can grow as a community."   

Faye Lessler

  • Website: www.sustaining.life

  • Instagram:@sustaininglife

  • Guidance on political activism: "This is the same advice that I give to people looking to learn more about sustainability - start by asking questions and remember to take it step by step. Don’t take the news at face value, it’s key to dig deeper and ask questions about why our representatives make the laws and decisions that they do, what is their incentive? And don’t feel as if you have to carry an entire political revolution on your shoulders because you don’t- and you can’t. Take small actions, one at a time, keep talking about what you’re learning and what you’re doing but don’t be discouraged by feeling as if you are not able to do enough!"   

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