How Putting Yourself Out There Can Strengthen Your Brand and Message

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What's a common struggle specifically for us eco and socially-driven entrepreneurs and creatives that might prevent our passion projects from thriving? Why is it important for us to support huge corporations that may have a history of irresponsible practices? Journalist, media strategist, podcast producer and host of Spirit of 608 podcast, Lorraine Sanders, shares her wisdom with us in this episode. Let's dive in.

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[1:59] What got Lorraine into sustainability. 

[4:54] Lorraine: "I really care about where things came from and the story behind them and that brings more meaning to the things in our lives."

[5:59] Something Lorraine learned about sustainable fashion that shocked her. 

[10:21] Lorraine's greatest challenge growing her platform. 

[12:33] Kaméa: "What are some common mistakes that eco creatives and entrepreneurs make when trying to build out their presence?" 

[13:06] Lorraine: "A lot of people feel like they can't start building their relationships with the media until everything with the brand is perfect. But if you wait... it's almost too late to gather authentic attention." 

[15:07] Lorraine on why it's important for business owners to put themselves out there. 

[17:13] Kaméa: "When you think about women you've worked with who are really thriving, what do you think they have in common?" 

[17:44] Lorraine: "I've interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs at this point, and the common thread of founders that are making it happen is this thing inside of them that tells them they are going to figure it out. It's a matter of how and when, not if.

[18:58] Kaméa: "What is something you've personally learned from the women on your podcast?" 

[20:30] Kaméa: "How can we tell a more powerful story about sustainability?" 

[21:10] Lorraine: "I think we're finally waking up and seeing how major brands who have been vilified are likely to be the ones that truly shift really fundamental, systemic change globally." 

[22:49] "Don't oversimplify complicated things." —Mary Going 

[23:56] Lorraine on what we need most to accelerate towards sustainability.   


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Words of inspiration: "Keep going." 

Health tip: "Yoga!" 

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Words of Wisdom: "Keep going with what you're working on and never give up."   

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