How Species Extinction Impacts Us and Consciously Fighting the Doom and Gloom

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What do we need to know about species extinction around the world today and how that impacts us? How can we stay positive and inspired even as we learn about more problems we need to address? Environmental journalist and Editor of The Revelator, John Platt, shares his wisdom with you. Let's dive in. 

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[2:19] What got John into sustainability. 

[3:55] John: "I found that my passions ended up enabling my voice... It's proof that if you're really educated about something and care about it, you can make a difference.

[4:39] How and why The Revelator was started. 

[6:10] Kaméa: "What's been your greatest personal challenge in overseeing this publication?" 

[8:50] Kaméa: "How do you handle it emotionally when you have to dig into problems all the time?" 

[10:30] John: "I want to tell success stories because those are the things we can hold up and say, It doesn't all suck. We can make a difference and we are making progress!

[11:25] John's advice for someone who is passionate about the environment but feels drained by all of the problems we face. 

[12:44] Kaméa: "What do you and The Revelator do to inspire action?" 

[16:09] One major sustainability issue that isn't talked about enough and affects all of us. 

[16:50] John: "Wildlife issues in a lot of ways are actually issues about human society." 

[19:30] John: "Everything is linked. So if you lose one species, what about the other species that depended on it?" 

[21:00] Kaméa: "How does biodiversity loss impact the individual living in urban or suburban areas?"

[21:50] The importance of pollination for our food supply. 

[23:52] Kaméa: "What do you think we need most today to accelerate towards a thriving planet?" 

[24:52] John: "Vote. Contact your representatives. Vote with your wallet. Tell your stories. People's stories matter."   


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Words of inspiration: "With great power comes great responsibility. And with even a little bit of power comes responsibility too." 

Health tip: "I go walking every day." 

Green tip: "Ask yourself: Does this product I'm about to buy come with too much packaging?

Element of hope: "Conversations like this one." 

Words of Wisdom: "We can all make a difference, so make sure it's in a good way!"   

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