How living walls and biophilic design improve productivity and wellbeing

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What is biophilic design, and what are the scientifically-proven benefits of being close to nature? Given that we're increasingly urbanizing, what can we do to ensure that future plans for urbanization prioritize green spaces, living walls, and rooftop gardens? Sharing his wisdom here is Richard Kincaid, Founder of Sagegreenlife, an award-winning living wall company which has installed custom walls all across the country and is dedicated to transforming built environments into happier, more sustainable spaces. Let's dive in.

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[2:45] What first inspired Richard's passion for the environment. 

[4:31] Richard's professional journey that eventually led him to start Sagegreenlife. 

[7:33] Kaméa: "What did you learn from the real estate world that can help us accelerate our work in sustainability?" 

[8:26] Richard: "There's no reason why we have to be in these concrete jungles." 

[8:58] One of the biggest challenges Richard experienced when building Sagegreenlife. 

[12:44] Kaméa: "What's the process of designing living walls that will thrive in the environments you're building them in?" 

[14:09] Richard explains what maintenance looks like for a Sagegreenlife living walls. 

[17:08] How greenery in urban landscapes affects our individual wellbeing. 

[19:16] Richard: "These walls take VOCs out of the air, they freshen the air, and they increase natural humidity... It solves a lot of potential problems and it does it in a way that's beautiful and noncontroversial." 

[20:50] The challenges businesses are facing to attract and retain talent and how living walls can help. 

[23:26] Kaméa: "What are some incentives for cities to require more greenery or to build more green spaces?" 

[26:13] Richard's thoughts on our current greatest challenge to greening our urban spaces. 

[28:18] What we can do to encourage our cities to incorporate more greenery. 

[29:30] Richard's thoughts on the importance of focusing on the positives when talking about climate change and environmental challenges.   

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Richard Kincaid and Sagegreenlife


  • Indoor air quality statistics (EPA)


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Words of inspiration: “I try to start the new day with optimism that I'm going to push things forward and not get bogged down with the challenges." 

Health tip: "I exercise every morning." 

Green tip: "All my energy is going into this company! But I try to make sure my house is efficient and do simple things..." 

Element of hope: "The innovation." 

Words of Wisdom: "You don't have to live in a concrete jungle anymore. You can have plants in your work environments, your hotels, your apartments. So tell them what you want if they don't have it!"   


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