Looking past ads telling us we need things we don't need

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Why should durability be a key factor to take into account when we try to shop more sustainably? How are advertisements set up to potentially manipulate our thinking, and how can we address that ourselves in order to protect our mental health? 

Sharing her wisdom here is Tara Button, the Founder of BuyMeOnce, an online retailer which finds the most sustainable and longest-lasting products on the planet. Before BuyMeOnce unexpectedly went viral in 2016, Tara spent quite some time working in advertising, persuading people to buy things they may not want or need (which she wasn't so happy about). Now, however, she uses her insider expertise to help others not be manipulated by advertisements so that we can be more mindful about what we actually want or need. Let's dive in.

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[2:00] What first inspired Tara's passion for the environment. 

[3:01] Kaméa: "What led you to focus on this idea of buying durable goods that actually last?" 

[7:56] How Tara and her team determine which items are the longest lasting on the planet to stock. 

[10:26] Kaméa: "What's an example of a product that's considered environmentally friendly, but not durable, that you've said no to?" 

[11:57] Tara: "People haven't made the connection between durability and the environment, but it's absolutely crucial..."

[12:53] Kaméa: "What's been your greatest challenge building BuyMeOnce?" 

[14:46] What Tara thinks was key to making BuyMeOnce attract so much attention so quickly. 

[16:46] Tara discusses the dangers of advertising and how consumers are constantly manipulated. 

[18:25] Tara: "All of this messaging is everywhere. Even if we don't think we notice it, our subconscious unfortunately is noticing it. These companies wouldn't spend billions on advertising if it didn't work—it works." 

[19:43] How we can deal with manipulation from ads as individuals. 

[22:10] Kaméa: "Do you think there's a relationship between the accumulation of stuff and our perceived self worth?" 

[25:22] Tara: "Unless you are enough as you are right now, no money will ever make you happier.

[26:19] Kaméa: "When you picture a future where everyone is buying things once, where do you see opportunities for growth from a business or economical standpoint?"   

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Words of inspiration: F*ck it. You say it to yourself when something that's just gone wrong isn't the end of the world. Get over it, and keep going." 

Health tip: "I get up in the morning and create my own workouts using Game of Thrones episodes." 

Green tip: "Cutting down on plastic packaging." 

Element of hope: "I'm part of the biggest group of sustainable startups in Europe." 

Words of Wisdom: "Don't let the people on your TVs tell you what's important. Decide for yourself what's important to you and buy with that in mind."   

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